Tuesday, 23 August 2016

OpenAM Text To Speech Authentication Module

For a recent POC I had a requirement to implement two factor authentication for users who may have impaired vision and would struggle to read an OTP or the code from a 2FA application.

To achieve this I cloned the existing OpenAM HOTP module and integrated it with The Twilio service:

I might do a bit more of a deep dive into how exactly this works later but for now the code is up in Github:

And you can see a video of how it works below:

(I realised the quality was poor, I have fixed this please let me know if you still have issues).

There is definitely room for improvement here, at the moment I am using the a Twimlet to encode the voice, in a production deployment you will want to generate TWIML ( in order to have more control over the voice i.e. introduce pauses etc.

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